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Mario Kart 8 only for Wii U - [US] [UK] [JP]

How pretty does this look #mariokart8


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Got a Gamer Limerick of your own?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Got a Gamer Limerick of your own?


Let the legend come back to life.


First Visual Novel Town, then JRPGLand, and now Donkey Kong Country!

*crickets chirp*

…suit yourself. Retro Studios are back at the helm with a game that isn’t Metroid, which annoyed the internet no end.

This isn’t an FPS because…

It isn’t Metroid It’s a platformer.

So Returns did the…


The flipside of the slow market for games early in the year is that for all the cynical tie-in released, you do also see more interesting stuff get released when it doesn’t have to compete with the bigger franchises.

Enter DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, a visual novel where a bunch of high…


We know we’re moving further into the year as the games get progressively more mainstream, or at least, less niche.

After a visit to Visual Novel town, we’re back in JRPGland, although this time with the less well-known Ys.

The third, fourth entry in the franchise follows regular protagonist…


3DS finally gets an original Zelda in the shape of A Link Between Worlds- although it’s not entirely original, as the overworld is identical to that from A Link To The Past.

Anyway, replacing LttP's Dark World is an alternate Hyrule called “Lorule” (Oh my aching sides), overseen by Princess…


If in doubt, give a game a silly name. Bravely Default is a ‘spiritual successor’ to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light, making this game a spin-off of a spin-off. Crazy stuff.

Plot details are relatively scarce, beyond much of the press giving it a kicking- although the long and short of…


Lantern Corps. Series

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